Automatic VS Semi Automatic Washing Machines 

Automatic VS Semi Automatic Washing Machines



The whole concept of washing clothes got revolutionized after the birth of the washing machine.the tedious manual task of washing clothes that took hours to complete got reduced to simply placing the clothes in an appliance. This time saving invention has changed the way our households work.

Back in the day the very first washing machine was called the manual washing machine. These were handheld gadgets with giant tubs, chains and pulleys. 

The next generation of washing machines came with a few control options such as setting a timer, pre soaking and drying. This came with a little reduced labour as compared to their predecessor. These were the Semi automatic washing machines

As the world of technology and science advances, the invention of fully automatic washing machines has changed the game. Little to no manual labour is required in these machines. Simply plug it in, put your laundry and detergent, and let the machine do its job. It works with an easy functionality of pushing a button.

Deciding what washing machine to buy is a real challenge. A lot of thought goes into making the selection. The size of the family which ultimately decides the wash load, the budgetary restrictions, the power supply and consumption, the water usage, and the wash time and quality are just some of the considerations that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a washing machine for your home.


In this article, we have prepared a detailed guide for you to help you make a selection that is best for you and fits all your requirements. So let’s dive into the world of washing machines and give you some insight into what you must look out for when you go shopping for one.


Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing Machines


These days, two types of washing machines are popularly available in the market. The semi automatic washing machine and the fully automatic washing machine. Let us talk about each one in detail, and then make a comparision chart for the two.


  1. Semi Automatic washing machines

As the name suggests, this washing machine is partially automatic. That means it still involves some amount of manual labour. Semi automatic washing machines can withstand plenty of wear and tear, are durable and have a strong build. They have two different tubs:

  • The washing tub: in which you place the clothes and detergent and the tub spins and turbulates to wash the clothes.
  • The drying tub: in which you place the clothes from the washing tub in order for them to dry.

Both the washing as well as drying tubs are placed adjacent to one another can can work independently. Simply place the clothes in the washing tub, press the commands button, put in detergent and let the machine run. Once that is done, remove the clothes from the washer, squeeze them to extract out some of the water and place in the dryer tub.

The dryer tub has a rotations per minute count or the RPM. the higher this number, the quicker your drying process will get. This is because the machine will carry out that many rotations in one minute. For example, if a device is rated at 1400 RPM, it will conduct 1400 rotations in one minute to give you incredibly quick drying results.

Since there are two drums involved, the size of a semi automatic washing machine is quite big and so it takes up quite a lot of space.

In a semi automatic washing machine, all the advanced features are missing, which comes at an advantage of low power consumption. They are, for the same reason, quite budget friendly, and the most popular choice of washing machine in rural and semi urban areas.


Advantages of Owning a Semi Automatic Washing Machine

  • Budget friendly and affordable
  • Less water and energy consumption
  • Easy to operate and reparing costs less
  • Wash and dry clothes at the same time by using both tubs together
  • Longer durability and more robust as compared to fully automatic washing machines


Disadvantages of Owning a Semi Automatic Washing Machine

  • Large in size and space occupying
  • Involves a lot of manual work
  • No child lock and safety option


Fully Automatic Washing Machines

In this advanced day and age, when everything works simply by the push of a button, why should your laundry not be washed the same way? With a fully automatic washing machine, you simply have to put your laundry and detergent, push a button and forget about the laundry to focus on your busy life. 

You only get one tub in this type of washing machine. It performs both the functions of washing as well as drying. Since it is fully automatic, you do not need to remove clothes from one tub to another. 

There are two types of fully automatic washing machines: 

  • the front loading and the 
  • top loading machines. 

In the front loading, the door is placed in the front and you have to bend down to put the clothes in. In the top loading machine the lid opens at the top and you have to place clothes from the top. The front loading ones are more compact than the top loading ones.

The fully automatic washing machines are of a much higher price range as the come with an array of wash programs and other handy functions, intelligent sensors and an in built water heating system.

The wash in a fully automatic washing machine is better, even though it takes some more time to wash than the semi automatic washing machines. They involve a learning curve, and it takes some time to get used to all the functions and mode of the fully automatic washing machines. Below we will talk about their advantages and disadvantages:


Advantages of Owning a Fully Automatic Washing Machine

  • Has automatic controls for washing and drying
  • Comes with advanced functions to wash clothes
  • Drains water automatically
  • Child safety lock
  • Greater wash results


Disadvantages of Owning a Fully Automatic Washing Machine

  • Requires adequate water to run properly
  • Not budget friendly and expensive
  • Learning curve is steep and hard to operate for a beginner


Conclusion on Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines are definitely better than the semi automatic ones since they give a better wash and have advanced functions along with requiring less manual work and attention. If you do not mind spending a lot of money, fully automatic washing machines should be your pick.

Semi automatic washing machines are for you if you are on a tight budget, are a beginner in the world of washing machines or have the time and energy to carry out the washing and drying functions.

We hope this guide gave you a thorough insight into what type of washing machine will check all the boxes for you. 


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